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Rated 5 out of 5 by 37 people


Dean Lunn, Cowling

Fraser is the best guitar tech in the business, I have used his services for many years and he is brilliant. I trust him with my prized guitars and as a pro guitarist he is unbeatable and genuine I highly recommend him and he is very knowledgeable and sets my guitars up how I like them.

Al Griffiths, Skelton-On-Ure

Great sincere guy, who completed a full set-up and fret work on 2 of my guitars. The finish, action and tone is superb. Well done Fraser and thank you so much. I will recommend you highly to every guitarist I talk to.

Brian Tombs, Leeds

Fraser has done a lot of instruments for me over the year's set ups broken necks and solved every problem if had he is a true artist

Phil Hirst, Rossendale

Bought a quite expensive Les Paul on ebay and was really disappointed how it played. Took it to Fraser on recommendation and one fret dress and set up later it is now perfect, thanks Fraser.

Steve Becker, Leeds

Fraser has set up three guitars for me, including a complete re-fret on one. He is meticulous and the results were nigh on perfect. Thank Fraser. And... everyone should spread the word...

Gillon Fabbroni, Harrogate

I have had several guitars set up by Fraser as well as a couple of more extensive jobs modding guitars. I cannot recommend him highly enough. The quality of his work and attention to detail is excellent. His knowledge is extensive and it is always worth listening to his advice. The fact that he is an extremely nice guy as well probably explains why he is so busy.

Dave Cluderay, Leeds

Fraser is a true artisan and goes the extra mile to ensure the best possible results are achieved. An extremely competent luthier who I would recommend to any body, he is extremely knowledgable and a genuinely nice guy.

Brian Cullen, York

I required some work on my 1960 Xemaitis acoustic guitar and having read the testimonials on Fraser's work, I phoned him up and having explained what I wanted doing he fixed a date to meet him at his workshop. I was impressed with his approach and integrity and I must say I am exceptionally pleased with the work he carries out on my beloved Zemaitis guitar. So thanks Fraser for what you did, the guitar now plays like a dream. Kind regards Brian

Michael Griffiths, Birstall

Fraser has worked on several of my guitars to date and I'm sure he will have worked on them all in the near future. Whatever guitar he has worked on for me has come back to me in a far better and very much more playable condition. His work is superb! The most remarkable thing for me is Fraser himself. He will talk through all your requirements with you before he does any work and gives sound sensible advice. He is a true gent and his luthier skills are second to none. Look forward to seeing you again in the near future Fraser. Thank you very much for all the help you have given me.

Graham Gregson, Calverley

Following a lovely service on my Strat Fraser did a great job practically rebuilding my daughter's guitar at a very good price. Will be happy to recommend him to anybody needing work on their guitar.

Charles Jenkins, North Wales

If you think that "3 chord Strummers" with mediocre acoustics cannot benefit from the expertise of someone like Fraser... think again. For about a year I have accepted a buzz here and there and increasingly worn frets. I also tried to convince myself that a bit of chipboard wedged under the saddle of my Takamine was doing a pretty good job and saving me the cost of a proper set up. Why did I wait? I am so enthused by the difference ... I am going to learn another chord. Maybe two.

Derek Shield, Leeds

I've just had my latest guitar set up and restrung. Also pick-up covers and a fancy scratchplate fitted.Fraser, your advice, patience and skills are second to none.I wouldn't go anywhere else for any work doing.Thanks again for transforming a great guitar into a real thing of beauty.Oh, and it plays great too.

Matthew Bruce, Wetherby

Thank you Fraser for the setup you've just done on my Tanglewood Acoustic. You've totally transformed my guitar into something that is a pleasure to play, well done. Good honest advice too. I would definitley recommend Fraser without hesitation. Thanks again!

Ryan Gabbott, Leeds

Just a big thank you to Fraser for a fantastic job on the neck of my guitar.Thanks to Fraser it sounds and looks as good as new if not better ,BIG THANKS again

Tom Elliott, Leeds

Fraser has been providing service and repairs to all my 10 or so guitars, as well to many of my students. His work is excellent and attention to detail is second to none. I have learnt a massive amount from Fraser, and will continue enjoy working with him to perfect my set up. Thanks Dude

Jonny Trumble, York

Fraser has worked on all 3 of my guitars now. from a neck repair to adjustments and tweaks to my gibsons..all masterfully done. sound guy and always a pleasure to deal with! Can't thank enough

Richard Fryer, Bingley

Excellent job on my Strat and Yamaha SA2000 - my Taylor will be going soon.

Nick Betts, Scunthorpe

Fraser has worked on 3 guitars for me and I have been delighted with all of the work he has done. He gives great advice and his work is always to the highest standard. His pricing is realistic and I have never been disappointed with either the cost or work carried out. No need to use anyone else!

Rupert Stroud


Steve Tomlinson

Wish I could say that Fraser did a good job, but I can't, he did a fecking Awesome job, this guy turned the plank of wood I've been trying too play into an actual GUITAR! Being somewhat of a novice in playing terms, I also wish I could do justice to the work he's put in. Neck re-set, re-fret, pickup swap, tremolo adjusted & set up. simply stunning! He really will go that extra mile to make sure your happy with the end result, a true professional. Sorry I'm WAFFLING ON (apology's couldn't resist that one Fraser)
So fellow Plank spankers if you want that two by four your trying to play turning into a sonic, melodic, stringed work of art then Fraser Callum is your man

Lauren Martino, Leeds

Really great honest guy, quick replies to enquiries and sorted my guitar out in no time. If my guitar needs work in the future I'll definitely be taking it to this guy.

Adam Ward

Great job at a very reasonable price!

Richard Beer, Huddersfield

Top gent and superb luthier. Thanks Fraser

Richard Beer, Huddersfield

Top gent and superb luthier. Thanks Fraser

John Bilyj, Leeds

Sorted my pickup out, and then again when I changed my mind! Great luthier, and a great guy! Well recommended :-)

Neil Morris, Wakefield

I trust fraser with all my treasured guitars my first choice tech ....ive had at least 6 guitars set up or modded by him!!!

Maria Hyndes, Leeds

Top bloke.

Chris Steenson, Bradford

A fantastic eye for detail and understanding for what the customer wants and how to get it. All of my family's instruments have been set up or modified by Fraser; and he's done an impeccable job on all of them

Andy Jackson, Wilsden

Set up and rebuilt two of my guitars. Will not use anyone else ever again. My levinson played better than any other strat and my les Paul sings :)

Simon D'Vali

Exceptional value for money and has the ability to transform a guitar.

Laura Moretto, Leeds

I love my Gibson after giving giving it to Fraser for a service ... Couldn't have asked for better results ... And a service with a smile and complete honesty. It's nice not to get talked down to being a girl :)

Ste Kearney, Leeds

5 Stars from me no problem for taking on my Fender Electric XII project!

Andrew Bohannan, Halifax

Goes the extra mile.

Rick Millington, Hebden Bridge

The only geezer I know who I can trust with my collection of lovelies. A craftsman of the highest calibre and a super nice guy to boot.

Paul Milner

Hi Fraser,

Just a line to say thanks for fitting the new pickups to my 18 year old Les Paul last week. With the re-fret you did previously its now sounding and playing better than it ever did from new.


Keith Gater, Uttoxeter

No doubt it - get your axe to this guy ASAP for a professional, reliable service. My Ibanez EDC705 is a completely different beast and much easier to play after it's service.

Simon Nahk, Cleckheaton

This guy gave new life to my 1985 MIJ fender strat. He's done a very good job. Would recommend.

Aidan Alan Shaw, Sheffield

Fraser did a lot of work to get a Yamaha acoustic I had problems with sorted by the manufacturer. Top bloke!! I also had a Warwick bass set up by him, with some fret levelling. Plays like a dream now. Use this man!!! He's good.

Robert Brice, Ilkley

I have a 1967 Fender Strat that was in a sorry state and so it was just basically an ornament for years. But now Fraser has fixed the electrics and set it up and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. It's never sounded like this in the thirty odd years I've had it. A quick turnaround too. I'm delighted with it - thanks very much!

David Hardaker, Bradford

Just had my american strat frets leveled and set up done by Fraser top job done sounds great.

Danny Parkinson, Pontefract

Took my 81 Les Paul to Fraser in an unplayable condition - literally unplayable. A couple of weeks later in his hands and it is honestly the single best guitar I have ever played. What a gentleman, and an honest craftsman Fraser is.

I won't use anyone else now - and am recommending him to all my guitarist chums.


Jim Hindhaugh, Darlington

My old Hofner is old like me and like me it wasn't what it once was... hm that is until Fraser got his hands on it and worked his magic now it plays and sounds better than it ever has done.

Fraser you're the man, thank you!


Chris Steenson, Bradford

Fraser has not only impeccably setting up my strat more time than I can count, he's also responsible for the success of the mods, including and especially some very nifty wiring mods. I couldn't recommend him and his skills highly enough

Cheers Fraser, and keep up the good work!


Finnian Smith

Thanks to Fraser for undertaking a pretty major pickup swap, sounds brilliant and looks stunning if I do say so myself!

Stefano Guidicelli, Leeds

Just had 3 of my guitars set up through Fraser. He did a top job on all of them at a very reasonable price and they all play exactly as I like them.

I have been using Fraser's service for over 2 years now and he is my first port of call when any work needs doing. I would recommend him to anyone without a second thought.

Thanks for your service ;)


Pete Gillett

Sorted my guitar out beautifully and saved me a lot of money on what I thought needed doing.

My guitar plays better than it has done in years and I haven't had this much fun in playing in about as long!

Thanks muchly! =D


Alex Toft, Pudsey

As always many thanks to Fraser for a stunning job. Gigged the N4 last night and it was simply perfection to play.

Martin Cooper, Castleford

In these times of mass-production it's great to meet an artisan; in an era of disposability it's good to find a craftsman who cares about his art. Fraser is quite simply a superb guitar-tech. His work fitting a pickup to my Brazilian cavaquinho was outstanding.

Milan Barritt, Leeds

Took my Yamaha 310 down to Fraser. After Lowering the action and taking care of a few uneven frets. My new set up is a dream to play! Friendly and Professional. Fraser Callum is the best Guitar Tech around!

Andrew Dixon, Roundhay

For anyone thinking of using Fraser's services - I completely snapped the headstock of my Epiphone SG off about 2 years ago, fit for nothing but the skip I thought. Fraser took a look and reckoned he might be able to put it back together again. 2 years later I'm still gigging regularly with it and it's still as good as new!

Aarren Mowle, Bradford

I have been very fortunate to have used some great luthiers over the years including the original guitar tech for Queens of the Stone Age. No-one gets even close to the attention to detail, technical expertise, professionalism and sheer passion for the job than Fraser. I am extremely picky about who works on and sets up my guitars as I have a very specific set of requirements for how they play and only Fraser has been able to do it perfectly and most importantly consistently. Don't even consider anyone else as quite simply they will be second best to this man - end of!

Ben Hutchinson, Leeds

I took three guitars to Fraser for repairs to tuning nuts and input jacks. Fraser's service is very friendly and transparent. He clearly explained the options available to me and I was absolutely bowled over by the reasonableness of his fees and quality of the job he did. I would highly recommend using Fraser for your guitar repairs.

Martyn Young, Huddersfield

My Gibson Les Paul Custom had been the subject of a very cheap and poorly carried out re-fret elsewhere when I purchased it for a ridiculously cheap price before Christmas 2012. It had been battered, abused and unloved and came with quite a few issues - the poor re-fret, a loose nut, the fretboard separating from the body at the neck join, and a home made bridge to name but a few. A few short weeks later and it's back with me playing better than any LP that I have ever played! A beautiful re-fret with proper Gibson fretwire, all beautifully finished and polished, a new bone nut with the correct string spacing, the other issues resolved, and wonderfully set up. What a craftsman - and what a pleasant guy to entrust your valuable instrument to! Highly recommended.

Philip Ramon Hepworth, Leeds

For all your guitar repairs, set ups and re-frets... Always very good, very honest, very friendly and very reasonably priced.

Paul Thacker, Wakefield

Fraser gave my new Ibanez JS100 from PMT a setup. Action is now a little easier, floating trem adjusted, intonation set correctly, not to mention I can play all strings right up the neck without buzzes/choking.



Adrian Payne, Leeds

Fraser has transformed my formally 'average' guitars into 'stage ready' instruments and I would certainly recommend him to anyone as a very capable guitar tech. He takes time to establish your requirements and give you various options. His friendly openness, patient attention to detail, great technical ability and useful advice adds to a fine level of service. The results of his labours are both audible and tangible when you get to plug in and play!

Robert Brice, Leeds

Fraser fixed my Rickenbacker 4001 bass. I hadn't played it in years as it played and sounded awful. It is now an absolute joy to play and sounds great. I've got a few more I'm going to send his way. I'd recommend his work anytime

James Coley, Leeds

Fraser worked miracles with a Westfield SR383WR that had a neck like a twisted banana. It now plays great and I use it as my back-up guitar. Now sending my old Yamaha electro-acoustic for a service. This luthier knows his onions!


James Adsetts, Bradford

Fraser is the only guy that I will take my guitars to. In the last few years, he has had my everything from my PRS McCarty to Gibson Les Paul to my 90's Fenix Strat copy and did a cracking job of every single one. Top bloke who looks after his customers.


Simon Roe, Leeds

Fantastic job of setting up my Squier telecaster, followed by immaculate repair work & great friendly after sales service. Not to mention ridiculously cheap - massive thanks Fraser!


Simon King, Leeds

Just a note to say my 25year old Yamaha RGX feels and plays better than it ever has.... I'm loving it!! Thanks


Justin Barnes, Horsforth

Fraser has recently upgraded the pickups on my Les Paul and the professionalism he shows in both his manner and work is second to none.

In the past he has set up my Epiphone, flipped the magnet to create the 'out of phase' tone. He has also set up and levelled the frets on my Gibson.

Many thanks Fraser for helping me chase the 'Peter Green' tone!!


John Mac, Leeds

Fraser, I have been meaning to pass on my thanks for the great set up you did on both my electric (SG) and acoustic (PR5-E) epiphones.

The sound and action is so much better on the acoustic, so much so my brother now wants it back as he prefers it to the one he is using for gigging. And my guitar teacher also keeps finding any excuse to give it a play.

The electric sounds so much brighter and clearer - and they both look spanking new.

Thanks again


Nathan Jones, Leeds

Hey Fraser,

Just a quick thanks for setting up my new Ibanez, and for sorting out the action when it was just slightly too low. Great service will definitely use again!!!!!!


Julian Braithwaite, Leeds

Hi Fraser,

I'm really blown away with your repair of my Kramer broken headstock. You exceeded anything I could have hoped for to put this right. When I first brought it to you I'd have settled for just being able to play it again, but what you've achieved cosmetically is outstanding - it's as good as new. Thanks again for a great job.

Take care



Dean Money, Thackley

Hi Fraser

Thank you for restringing for a left hander and tuning the guitar. It looks and sounds better now.It was a pleasure to deal with someone who knows his trade and has the time to discuss and explain to a complete novice without making you feel like a pratt. Your work and attitude is top class. I would not hesitate to recommend you. Kind regards



Al Perry, Leeds

Fraser has worked on my last 6 guitars and I trust his expertise implicitly. If you want top quality work done in good time and at very reasonable rates then he is the go to guy.


Hugh Davies, Wakefield

Hi Fraser

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my Nashville guitar after the repair. The neck had been snapped in half when our cats knocked it over, smacking against the edge of a table. The instrument, now 32 years old sounds sweeter than ever and the action is just right.

I'll make a point of recommending you to as many people as possible.

God bless



Bob Naylor, Leeds

Fraser has setup my 5 American Strats and a PRS, all with trems, over the last 4 years. I owned an Ovation which had been virtually unplayable and stored for 10 years. Fraser did a superb job and needless to say it is now used regularly. He has turned instruments, some copies of teles etc. into highly playable units for my friends.

Having played strats for over 40 years, I am pretty good at setting them up, but nowhere in the league of Fraser Callum - he is superb. An artist in his work, who is a gentleman and a provider of an excellent service - all at a reasonable price. My Les Paul is the next on my to do list. Give him a try - you will not be disappointed in any respect. Even if your instrument plays OK, you will be amazed at the difference a setup by Fraser will achieve.


Bob Plews, Huddersfield

Hi Fraser - just a big thank you for your work on my Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass. As soon as I picked it up it felt somehow 'right' and that was before I'd even played a note! The action is just great exactly as I like it and the pick-ups are now properly balanced and the guitar sounds and feels great - can't put it down. Most certainly will consult you again and you have my highest recommendation - Thanks again.


Marcus Mitchell, Leeds

I've taken my US Tele to Fraser twice now for set-up, new strings and general TLC. Not only is Fraser clearly an expert in is field but he combines this with an approach to customer service and going the extra mile which is second to none. I'm far from a professional guitarist and Fraser does a geat job in making you feel welcome and taking his time to explain things. The biggest compliment I can give is that he will treat your guitar like it was his own.


Sean Pattison, Leeds

Fraser has always provided me with an impeccable service. From setting up my Ibanez 7-String(w/trem) amazingly to fitting new pick-ups on my Tele and rewiring it to the utterly amazing job he did building me a custom guitar. From the wood choices, hardware, pick-ups and construction it is one of the best guitars I have ever played and will ever own.

Just want to say a massive thanks to Fraser


Jake Mulhern, Leeds

I had an awful incident where I dropped my very expensive and rare Dean guitar, causing the headstock to snap in the most awkward of places. I took it in to Fraser, and he fixed it so perfect, you can't even tell it has been broken, he really worked a miracle. All the set ups he has done on my Dean guitars have been fantastic, they play so well because of it!

Thanks a lot Fraser!


Adam Newsome, Leeds

I brought my ibanez to fraser for a fret recrown and set up. And its never played so good the action is LOW my fingers fly across the fret board and tremalo works better than ever. FIRST CLASS JOB! went to his workshop told him what i wanted and he did EXACTLY what i wanted simple as that. THANKS Fraser great guy and even greater tech.


Rob McDonald, Leeds

Just a quick note to say thanks for doing such a good job on my LP. I've had a proper chance to play it now and it absolutely flies. So much so that i've been using it to record stuff my 'shred' Chravel can't do - you've really transformed it to its full potential. I know it must've taken you a long time to do and i can see that you've paid loads of attention to detail with everything you've done.

I will probably be bringing the Charvel in now for you to give that the treatment before I go out on tour in October (though the radius difference between the eBay floyd and the neck may be causing the problems - I anticipate saddle shims made out of Coke can being the only solution!)

Thanks again

Rob B Paul

Skull Branded Pirates


Tony Armitage, Leeds

I brought my Warwick bass into P.M.T. Leeds on Saturday, and after you had worked your magic on the trussrod it now plays like a different guitar. Once again thank you very much. I am, also, in no doubt that I would recommend your service to any musician - amateur, professional young or old!



Lee Jeffrey, Leeds

Hi mate, well I used the 72 Custom Tele you sorted out for me last night. Used it all night and I have to say you have worked miracles.

What a first class job you've done.

I can't thank you enough mate,

Lee Jeffery


Graham Ford, York

Thanks Fraser,

The set up on the Faith was brilliant, after two failed attempts by someone else. The Guitar sings and my daughter says it is her very favourite thing!


Martin Sowerby, Barnsley

I have had 3 top end Fenders either set up, re fretted, or built by Fraser and every one of them was finished to the very highest of standards. The Telecaster that Fraser built for me was recently played by a very high profile session player, and 80's signed recording artist who said it was the best sounding and playing Tele he had ever used, and he has played an awful lot of Telecasters.

The rates and service are both reasonable and friendly, with a good turn around time, and as I stated the guitars play fantastic. My son recently passed his grade 8 Rock School exam with distinction using the Telecaster Fraser built.



Christophe Notebaert, Sowerby Bridge

Thank you Fraser.

I found again my guitar (30 years with this old lady, you start to know each other); the sound and the sustain are better.

It sings again.
Merci et a bientot.

Kamil Lowczynski, Leeds

Hi Fraser

I've picked up my Schecter C7 Hellraiser from you today. I'm never doing any setup myself again. This is totally amazing. Guitar feels so much better. I'm playing and laughing it just so good I feel like I've bought top shelf guitar today.

You have done a great job. I'm going to give you another one to setup next week.

Thank You,


Shaun Bell, Leeds

I'm sure he swapped my old poorly looked after Gordon Smith for a new one. Top quality job as always. Cheers my man.



Daniel Beugel, Leeds

Hi Fraser,

A little note to say how pleased I am with the setup and fret work you performed on my Ibanez! It sounds so much better higher up the neck and the action is spot on mate! Professional service, great bloke and good value for money.

Maybe when I crack House of the rising sun and Smoke on the water we can fire in some 'proper' 9v pick ups haha! ;)

Thanks again

Paul Tasker, Horsforth, Leeds

Hi Fraser

Just a quickie to say a huge thank you for the set up on my Crafter D6. It is as if I you had given me a brand new instrument, one which is now very playable. I am really looking forward to 'getting to know' this guitar. You have lowered the action superbly so I can now enjoy how this instrument feels as I play it. I would recommend anyone to have you set up a guitar since the difference it makes is astounding.

Many Thanks

Paul Tasker


Jeremy Howden, Leeds

Second guitar Fraser has worked on for me, the latest being a Fender Telecaster JD. All I can say is great work. Fraser is such a nice guy to work with, as he has a genuine interest in the customer's requirements.

I've just dropped another guitar off with Fraser and just know it will come back playing superb. Can't wait.

A really talented gentleman.

Thanks very much.


Dave Atha, Horsforth, Leeds

I recently acquired a 20 year old Music Man Silhouette that had been sat in its case, virtually unplayed, for all that time.

There were some tuning issues and fret buzz, both of which have been completely cured by Fraser. The guitar now plays as well as any I have owned (many!) and holds its tuning, despite some hefty bending. All this at an exceptional price.

I have a couple of other old guitars and these will certainly be making their way to Fraser's workshop in the not too distant future.

Dave Atha.


John Plygawko, Leeds

Hi Fraser,

Just a quick email to say thanks for doing such an AMAZING job on my new tele!  Now that I've had the chance to play it properly, I can honestly say that you've transformed a pretty good guitar into a true Rock 'n' Roll Machine!  Played it through the Bassman yesterday afternoon and it sounded ace.

Action and intonation are spot-on, no rattles or buzzes anywhere. The top E stays firmly on the fretboard, and those new saddles sustain forever!
Many, many thanks.



PS Black plate is behaving so far.... fingers crossed.


Carl Sergeant

Hi Fraser,

Thanks for your excellent service last week in fixing the switch on my Squier Tele whilst I waited, I really appreciated your service.

All is good with the switch and it's great to hear the tones coming from the bridge pick up in that position again.

I'll probably give you a shout in the new year to get the guitar set up correctly.

Thanks again.



James Wilson, Halifax

Fraser made my Ibanez 7-string much more fun to play! The man knows his guitars inside and out and discussed fully with me everything I wanted and explained anything I didn't understand. He even sorted out the pickup mounting that a cowboy from a guitar shop had botched up previously.

I was very impressed with his knowledge and honesty - he will tell you if you don't need to pay to have something done. He would be the first person I would call for anything guitar related.


Scott Leyson, Wakefield

Hello Fraser.
Just a quick note to say the strat is superb !!  It plays like a different guitar, another quality job !!
Many thanks again, all the best.




Scott Leyson, Wakefield

Hello Fraser.

Firstly I would like to second what Keith has already stated. As you know my Les Paul is my pride and joy and more precious than the wife ( HA HA !! ) .

I have received it back in better condition than when I first purchased it back in 2001. The craftsmanship and professionalism you have displayed is first class.
I would also like to thank you for the extra time and effort you took without additional charge to complete the set up I requested which I know from speaking to Keith was most time consuming and tedious.

There is no doubt you are a quality craftsman and a trustworthy intestimonialidual and I will be returning to you in the near future for work to be conducted on my Fender Stratocaster.

Keith Gribbin, Wakefield

Fraser, just a quick email to thank you once again, for the American Fender Strat Guitar set up. It plays just awesome and was set up perfectly to my specification!!

You have offered a quality service, displaying professionalism and technical ability, which I recognise and appreciate.

You have also taken great care of my guitar whilst in your possession and I have no hesitancy in highly recommending you to my friends, colleagues or anyone else requiring your services!  Thanks again.

I know Scott will be contacting you in due course, as he too is highly delighted (and relieved!) to have had his guitar serviced to the highest order.


Kamil Lowczynski, Leeds

Hi Fraser

After 1 or 1 and a half year of neglect (due to having Schecter C7 Hellraiser) I've decided to resurrect my Ibanez rg370dx. I have left it with Fraser to get it hard tailed, get action lowered, level the frets and get it restrung. I always thought that ibanez is inferior to my schecter. Now I have a dilemma which guitar to play. Fraser has done a brilliant job just like with C7.

Highly recommended to anyone especially someone having second thoughts about his guitar.

Thank You


Dave Darwell, Leeds

Hi Fraser

Just like to thank you again for the work that you have done to my Epi LP, It now plays better than I ever thought it would.
I'll certainly recommend your services to other guitarists.

Should you require any customer feedback posting, then please let me know where and I will be only too happy to do so.

Based on how the Epi LP now plays I'm looking for another, so you can expect my custom again.