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Do I need a setup?

This text is currently under review due to a change in pricing structure. A fully up to date article will be published ASAP!

Setup prices

Electric, Acoustic & Bass£75.00
Floyd Rose£90.00

All are 'FROM' as some guitars may (most don't) need new parts fitting e.g. a new top nut, acoustic bridge saddle etc. No extra work will be done without your consent. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM CHANGING MY PRICING STRUCTURE AND I AM NOW ASSUMING THAT EVERY GUITAR WILL BE FRET LEVELLED BEFORE A SETUP. THAT IS WHY THESE STATED PRICES SEEM RATHER HIGH! I WILL BE PUBLISHING A FULLY DETAILED ARTICLE ASAP! Prices DO NOT include strings.

Prices explained

There are lots of different makes and models of guitars out there - most with 6 strings, some with 7 strings, 12 strings, acoustic, arch-top, vibrato unit, no vibrato unit, Floyd Rose vibrato unit, truss rod only accessible by taking the neck off!...

What I mean is that some guitars are more complicated or time consuming to work on than others so I have a basic price for different types of guitar. Guitars with Floyd Rose style units are the most time consuming and so more expensive but, I can assure you, it is money well spent! If you think you have a setup problem that could be solved without going to the expense of a full setup then please contact me to discuss.

Setups process


The strings are slackened off prior to cutting to avoid damage to the guitar (and my eyes!)


The fretboard is cleaned and oiled. Lacquered boards should only be cleaned with polish - never oil


Machine heads and string trees are tightened as they invariably work loose over time


The guitar body and hardware is cleaned - much easier with the strings off!


New strings are fitted, tuned to pitch and 'stretched in'


Neck relief is set using the truss rod


The 'action' (string height) is set at the bridge for each string


The nut slots are cut to optimum depth and lubricated


The pickups are adjusted to optimum height under the strings


The 'intonation' is set. This step is crucial for the guitar to play in tune