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Pickup swaps / Active pickup installs

A good quality pickup can transform your guitar. They can be expensive, but usually worth every penny.

For those of you thinking about installing active pickups, remember there has to be enough room for the battery in the control cavity, preferably in a battery holder. If not, you have to be prepared for the cost of routing a suitable cavity. Usually, however, it is possible to fit the battery in the control cavity without any routing and too much trouble.

I will happily give a free, no-obligation quote for any pickup job if you provide me with the details.

Rewiring, coil tapping etc

Please contact me and we can discuss the job in detail. Everyone's requirements can be quite different.

Electrical problems

Electrical problems can be quite evasive but with the correct diagnostic equipment (a multimeter!) and experience, most problems can be solved. Some are actually very straightforward - a broken connection at the jack socket or a pot. Because of their nature I cannot offer quotes for electrical problems.

Custom work

Please contact me to discuss fitting any after-market parts such pre-amps, under saddle pickups etc.