Rates & Prices

How much?

All prices shown below are ‘from’ as every job is assessed on an individual basis. I give free, no obligation quotes for most work. Some cases may have to be given as estimates but wherever possible I will give a firm, written, quote.

Prices do not include strings or parts (but refret price does include fret wire cost).

You can provide me with the strings of your choice or I can supply a range of good quality strings such as D’Addario, Ernie Ball etc at retail price.

For any other work such as acoustic pickup installs – please contact me to discuss.

Rates last updated: 19th July 2021

Setup (includes fret levelling and restringing) All guitars must have their frets levelled - particularly necessary if I haven't worked on them before. Prices are 'from' and do not include strings cost. And please note - if loose frets are found they must be secured before levelling - the typical cost for this is around £20, depending on fretboard type and finish.
Vintage (small) size frets £99
Medium/Jumbo and Jumbo frets £119
Refret (includes fret levelling, restringing, setup, and cost of fretwire) Includes setup & Jescar fret wire. Please note that a new nut is sometimes needed and the cost can vary significantly depending on the guitar make and model. Jescar Evo Gold can be fitted at no extra cost. I also offer stainless steel re-frets - please contact me to discuss the viability and extra cost involved.
Full refret inc. setup from £245
Acoustic pickup/preamp fitment Please call me to discuss.
From £40
Pickup swaps, rewires, component replacement Please call me to discuss.
One pickup from £20
Rate - Standard workhop bench rate
Per hour £40