Rates & Prices

How much?

All prices shown below are 'from' as every job is assessed on an individual basis. I give free, no obligation quotes for most work. Some cases may have to be given as estimates but wherever possible I will give a firm, written, quote.

Prices DO NOT include strings or parts.

You can provide me with the strings of your choice or I can supply a range of good quality strings such as D'Addario, Ernie Ball etc at retail price.

For any other work such as acoustic pickup installs, neck repairs, hardware replacement etc, please contact me to discuss.

Rates last updated: 12th May 2014

RestringNo messing about, basic stuff! Fret board and guitar is cleaned but there may be additional charge if 'deep cleaning' is needed. EXCLUDES cost of strings.
Electric, Acoustic & Bass£15.00
Floyd Rose type - FROM!£20.00
Setup INCLUDING Fret LevelI have had to take the decision to insist that all guitars have their frets levelled, particularly if I haven't worked on them before. I will be amending the relevant pages and info on this site asap. Prices are 'FROM' and do not include strings.
Electric, Acoustic & Bass£75.00
Floyd Rose£90.00
Securing of loose fretsExcludes any other work
Rosewood, ebony and similar fretboard, scraped finish£10.00
Rosewood, ebony and similar fretboard, polished finish£25.00
Lacquered fret board£ Call me!
RefretIncludes setup & Stew Mac (Japanese made) fret wire. Add £9.00 for Dunlop fret wire (e.g. Gibson Les Paul). I will be publishing a detailed article about fret wire choices in the near future. PLEASE NOTE THAT A NEW NUT IS OFTEN NEEDED. SEE 'NUT' SECTION.
Maple or other lacquered fret boards£260.00
Rosewood, ebony or similar£170.00
New Resin NutUrea resin/Cyclovac (Fender nuts). Including cost of nut material, not including restring or full setup. Note that some people incorrectly refer to resin nuts as plastic (plastic nuts are nasty, soft and bendy, found on poor quality guitars).
Les Paul style guitar£19.50
Strat style guitar£24.50
Fender (Most models)£35.00
Gibson, all models, custom made resin nut, no re-laquering of nut ends£45.00
Gibson, all models, custom made resin nut, INCLUDES re-laquering of nut ends£85.00
Saddle ReplacementIncludes material cost, excludes fresh restring or setup
'Plastic'(resin), pre-shaped£19.50
Tusq, pre-shaped£23.50
Bone, resin, Tusq, custom made£40.00
New bone nutIncludes cost of bone. These are totally custom made - not preshaped/cut. For some time I have begun to dislike bone as a nut material. But it's not my guitar so if you would like one making.....
Gibson style guitar£43.00
Strat/Tele style guitar£43.00
Fender (all models)£62.00
Gibson, all models, custom made resin nut, INCLUDES re-laquering of nut ends£85.00
Gibson, all models, custom made resin nut, no re-laquering of nut ends£45.00
Pickup Swap/InstallDoes not include fresh restring, please see restring section for additional cost if new strings are required. ACTIVE COST ASSUMES FITTING A MODERN SOLDERLESS CONNECTION TYPE KIT THAT CONTAINS POTS, JACK, ETC.
Additional passive£6.00
Additional Active£6.00
RewireExcludes parts. Pickup swap(s) not included in price below.
Statocaster (all)£38.00
Les Paul (all)£57.00
Structural repairsThese are impossible to give anything but an approximate cost, best case scenario! Cost is for structural repair only. Cosmetic repairs are impossible to give estimates for without seeing the actual damage.
Neck/head split (still attached)£60.00
Neck/head split (fully headless)£90.00